Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Little Miss Red reading in NYPL on January 6th

If you live in NYC and you have nothing better to do with your evening (I'm so good at selling myself, aren't i?), I'll be reading from LITTLE MISS RED at the Jefferson Market Branch of NYPL (425 6th Ave, at 10th St) on January 6th along with three other YA authors. Starts at 6pm. The book doesn't come out until February so it's a sneak peek.

I know you're not supposed to choose favorites amongst your children but I have to say, I think this is my favorite out of all the fairy tale retellings I've written so far.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tweet this

So I told my publishers I would start twittering more.

But here's the thing, for some reason I have absolutely no problem coming up with Facebook status updates (by the way, please friend me on there if you already haven't)...but when it comes to Twitter I just freeze up. And any and all of my wittiness is nowhere to be found. It's weird.

That being said, I will continue to try...and an audience always you can find me at robinpalmer on twitter to follow me.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Very intrigued by this white stuff.

I'm sorry, but I was hoping full-fledged, Blizzard-of-'78 type circumstances. No such luck.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

First snow of the winter! First time I've blogged in over a month!

It's like every day that goes by, I feel worse and worse about the fact that I haven't blogged, so I just...don't. And instead walk around feeling guilty.

I don't know...the blogging thing is hard for me. 'Cause I think "who really cares what I have to say?" When I write my books, and it's a character, then it's a different story - because they're not me, so I find them just as interesting as readers do. But when it's me, it's hard. Except with Facebook status updates. Those I like doing. But not Twitter. That I don't like doing.

So let's see...what can I tell you. LITTLE MISS RED comes out on February 9th which I'm super excited about. I think that Sophie, the lead character, is the closest to me out of all of the books I've written. For good for for bad ;) And I just finished the manuscript for YOURS TRULY, LUCY B. PARKER #2 which is a relief. The first one comes out in May. And on Monday I'm going on a horse-drawn carriage ride in Central Park (on a white horse - how fairy tale-like is THAT?!) to shoot a video for Penguin. That will be interesting.

Oh, and I've been making a lot of stews. When did that happen? When did I turn into the kind of woman who makes stews? That's crazy.

I hope everyone is having very happy holidays.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Crazy small world story...

Okay, so this is a crazy story.

So five or so years ago I wrote a screenplay with my good friend Julie-then-Golden-now-Dubensky. And to celebrate the fact that we had finished it and it was now out to producers where it would then sell for millions of dollars in a bidding war, we went to Barneys to buy some makeup. What we really wanted were shoes, but we behaved ourselves.

So we're being helped by this very nice guy named Ozzie at the Nars counter and this girl walks by who Julie knows, who, I find out after the fact, also used to be an exec, and who, like us, is now also a screenwriter. And she tells us how she and her writing partner just handed in a rewrite and as I listen, I try not to feel too inferior about the fact that this girl is apparently a working-writer-who-gets-checks-sent-to-her-occasionally while I am still a working-but-not-getting-any-checks writer.

Fast forward: the spec script that was going to make us millions of dollars doesn't sell, I start writing books, move to NY, blah blah blah. One of those books - GEEK CHARMING - gets set up at Disney Channel and these two screenwriters, Hilary Galanoy and Elizabeth Hackett are hired to adapt it. Around the same time, the spec script that's been gathering dust for a few years in my computer (okay, fine, it's probably not gathering's...dying of lack of light) gets set up as a movie at ABC Family, which means that in addition to my books I have to write, in addition to my MTV exec duties, I now have to rewrite the script with Julie. And hopefully finish it in 22 days before she goes in for her scheduled C-section and comes home with a baby boy. But I'm not complaining about all the work I have to do because I am well aware that these are very high class problems and people would chew off their left arm to have my life even though if they did that, it would make it very hard for them to type and get the work done.

So tonight, I'm working on the rewrite, and I get an email from my friend Robyn who tells me that in small world fashion, her friend Elizabeth is adapting my book. And later I'm on the phone with Julie and I bring that up and Julie reminds me that the girl we ran into at Barneys that day? It was Hilary.

So it turns out that I met the woman who would be adapting my novel years before it was even written. And while they're adapting my book, I'm working on a rewrite of a script that I was pretty concerned would never see the light of day.

Monday, November 2, 2009

What I Did This Weekend by Robin Palmer

1. Spend a good chunk of Saturday in my pajamas waiting for fedex to deliver my bakers rack because I don't have a doorman and therefore have to do everything.

2. Bake fig bars, compliments of my new idol The Pioneer Woman's apricot bar recipe.

3. Fantasize that one day I might become PIoneer Woman-like and be (a) that funny and (b) that good of a cook.

4. Assemble bakers rack upon its arrival. Break a few nails in process. Try not to wallow in disappointment when it turns out to not be as grand as the picture on

5. Spend time thinking about taking photo of assembled bakers rack to post here because I'm so proud of myself before deciding that borders on pathetic.

5. Invite my friend Laurina over for the orange chicken with figs and golden raisins I am intending to make that night, because, now that I am a Cook, I can (a) cook such grand-sounding meals and (b) have people over for dinner.

6. Receive text back that she'd love to come for dinner...but she's a vegetarian.

7. Spend a few moments annoyed that people can't put their vegetarian ways aside every once in a while, especially for such a grand-sounding meal that I'm about to slave away over.

8. Resort to my previous non-Cook ways and text her back that we can just order in takeout instead.

9. Have a yoga-induced inspiration that I can make lentil soup and a salad instead because part of being a Cook is learning how to improvise on the fly and not resort to takeout or microwaveable Weight Watchers box dinner.

10. Prepare lentil soup and salad which, according to Laurina, is "very good" but what the hell else is she going to say when she's sitting on my couch and I've just fed her. However, the fig bars are "awesome" and I know she's not lying about that because I've already tested them by eating three.

11. Decide I really don't like the Cleaning Up part of being a Cook but I do it anyway.

12. Post Sunday evening yoga, finally cook the orange chicken with figs and golden raisins even though (a) it won't be ready until 9pm and (b) realize as I'm cooking it that I could feed a small country which is why my coworkers at MTV will be thanking me the next day.

13. Wonder how I'm going to prevent myself from gaining 20 pounds now that I'm a Cook.

14. Speak to my father, who asks what sort of white light, spiritual experience I had that has turned me into a Cook. I have no answer.

15. Go to sleep full and happy...with a prayer that I sell a ton of books so that I can afford a new apartment with a real kitchen instead of the Betty Crocker-sized one that I have now.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

To Write Love On Her Arms Day

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.

So on November 13th, they are asking that you write the word "LOVE" on your arm. That's all. You don't have to buy anything, or donate any money. Just write it - to show some compassion for those who are suffering. But preferably not with a Sharpie 'cause you might want to be able to wash it off at some point.

To Write Love On Her Arms Day is a day where anyone can write the words love on their arms, to support those who are fighting against depression and those who are trying to recover.

For more information, click here to go to the website. Or click here to find it on Facebook. Actually, do that - because I'm sort of crashing from the combination of brown sugar and real butter in the fig bars I baked today and therefore couldn't concentrate on the directions.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I heart Philip Roth

It's 8.22am and I"m supposed to be writing, but instead I was just watching this interview with Philip Roth here.

I love that every time he finishes a book, he, too, panics that he's never going to come up with another idea. If Philip Roth is worried about that, then I don't feel so bad...

And now I'm going back to writing. For real.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy accidents..

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. ~Ansel Adams

My favorite thing in life is being surprised. Like when something -- or someone -- shows up that you weren't expecting. Because for me, there's something about that element of surprise that makes me even more grateful for it. And more humbled by it, because I had absolutely nothing to do with its arrival -- I didn't plan for it; I didn't will it. It just...happened.

I won't go into the whole story, but Carlo was -- is--a beautiful, sweet surprise in my life. He's also an amazing photographer.

If you click here you can see for yourself.

Molto bella, no?

And this one here, of the bed...this is one of his. I just love it.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Things are getting wacky at Casa del Palmer...

...because I just ordered a bakers rack. So I can continue this cooking thing I've been doing.


I know - this probably wins World's Most Boring Blog Post, but it's all I got at the moment...

Before you know it I may even turn the Food Network (is it called Food Network or Food Channel? I don't even know) on...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

If you're bored...

...why not PRE-ORDER my newest book Little Miss Red by clicking here.

It doesn't come out until February, but that way you'll be all set and will be sure that you'll have a copy in case, you know, there's a giant stampede and they all go out of print.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Announcing the arrival of LUCY B. PARKER....

Okay, not the arrival-arrival, because that's not until next May, but I am pleased to share the cover of my latest book. The illustrator is the amazing Anne Cresci If you click on her name, it will take you to her Etsy store...ironically, she has an illustration of Little Red Riding Hood, which, of course, I promptly purchased because of LITTLE MISS RED.

I feel so thrilled that Penguin's design goddess Kristin Smith, who has done the covers for all of my books, found Anne because she completely gets Lucy.

Now if I could just get her to design MY wardrobe...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Obviously I was given a lobotomy while I was sleeping...

....or there's some body switching going on. Because last night, on my way home from work, I stopped at Bed Bath & Beyond and bought a crock-pot. Which is a device that is apparently used to make things like stews and stuff from scratch. Without the help of a microwave.

I barely recognize myself anymore.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Soup update....

It turned out fantastic. Other than the fact that I forgot to put in the garlic.

So fantastic, in fact, that I also ended up making this eggplant/onion/pepper/honey/chili pepper thingy. I'm not sure exactly what it is -- a soup? A stew? But it was delicious.

Next up: turkey chili. I smell a new obsession here. As long as I stay away from baking, I'm okay.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Big day today....

...I am going to attempt to cook. Accent on the attempt part. Because those who know me, know this sort of thing happens once every 50 years. And I'm only 40.

Just to give you some context, I have never watched any of those cooking channels on The Food Channel or that Top Chef show that people talk about all the time. I don't even know if The Food Channel is part of my cable package. I never saw the movie Julie & Julia and have no interest, even though I love Meryl Streep. And when they announced that Gourmet magazine was about to become extinct and all my friends started freaking out, I was relieved because the girl who used to live here apparently had a subscription and it keeps coming here which means I recycle it without even cracking it open. But I secretly wish I had some interest in that stuff. Just like I secretly wish that I was one of those people who loved The Container Store because I really had an interest in making the best use of the minimal amount of space that constitutes a NYC apartment. But I just don't (a) because I have become quite fond of the prepared food sections of Whole Foods and Lifetyme Natural Market (b) I like to think that disorganization is the hallmark of a very creative mind.

But what spurred on this whole cooking thing was that yesterday I spent the day writing with my friend Ophira Edut, who is one half of The AstroTwins , (her twin sister Tali--who just got married at Burning Man -- congrats, Tali--is the other half). Ophira is amazingly cool on a lot of different levels...not the least of which is that if you tell her the astrological sign of a guy you're interested in, she can tell you EXACTLY what he's like....and you can read all about that in their book The AstroTwins' Love Zodiac But even better than that is the fact that Ophira cooks. Not only that, but apparently, she enjoys cooking which is about as foreign an idea to me as the notion that one day I'll (a) perfect my French accent to the point where the waiters at Cafe de Flore don't grimace when I ask for my cafe creme or (b) I'll organize my apartment and find a place for my shoes other than the middle of my bedroom floor. So yesterday, as I sat there plugging away on Lucy #3, Ophria made lentil soup. And it was so good -- and so perfect for what was trying to be a beautiful autumn day but falling short because it was still on the warm side -- that I became very inspired. Inspired to the point where I asked her for the recipe, which, much to my surprise and dismay, was so easy that a 5 year old could make it as long as he or she had proper supervision during the chopping part.

I say dismay, because even though I have what I believe is the tiniest kitchen on the island of Manhattan (see above picture for evidence) the recipe is so easy with so few steps that I can make it here.

So because it's technically autumn, and because I'm still sick with with what I'm sure is some new strain of flu -- like, say, monkey flu -- and because I need to stop using that PMS excuse and stop eating sugar and start eating vegetables and protein again, I. Am. Going. To. Cook. Soup. (Is that even proper grammar -- does one "cook soup" or "make soup"?

Not only that, but I'm going to also make some sort of eggplant thingy while I'm at it. Or at least buy the ingredients for it which will probably then spoil in the fridge because I'll lose steam and interest during this marathon cooking session and walk to Whole Foods and get my usual quinoa/beet/tofu salad combination like I do every day.

I will, of course, blog about this all later.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why is it so hard for me to blog on a regular basis?

Not that anyone is sitting there with bated breath waiting for me to wax on and on self-obsessedly (Did I just make that word up? I think I did.) but, still, I feel bad that it's been almost two months since I've written here.

That being said, I have a lot of very good excuses as to why I haven't. Like, say, my trip to Paris that I had to get ready for. And then the trip to Paris that I took. And then the glorious week after Paris that I spent improving relations between America and Italy. And then getting back into the day-to-day boring reality of real life after L'Italien went back to Italy. And then getting super sick with what I was pretty sure was swine flu even though people kept rolling their eyes and saying "It's NOT swine flu" every time I said "I think I have swine flu." And then working on the MTV movie Turn The Beat Around which everyone has to watch when it airs in January so it gets good ratings and I will continue to have a day job.

Oh yeah - and writing. That's a very good excuse as to why I haven't been blogging - because I've been writing books. Specifically, I'm on Book 3 of the YOURS TRULY, LUCY B. PARKER series which I'm totally loving. I just saw the artwork for the cover of the first one and I LOVE it. Really, really fabulous.

So that's why I haven't been blogging. Because I've been living. Who knew that could be so much fun?

I wish I could post my pics from Paris here, but honestly I'm too lazy to upload all of them and too technically-challenged to create one of those photo albums that anyone in the world can see. However, if you're my friend on Facebook, you can see them there. And if you're not my friend on Facebook, please become one 'cause a girl can never have too many friends.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorites.....

And I'm going to blog more...I promise...


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh, how true...

I know - two posts in, like, 10 minutes. A miracle.

Just realized today marks two years since I've lived in NYC.

I have always loved this EB White quote:

There are roughly three New Yorks. There is, first, the New York of the man or woman who was born here, who takes the city for granted and accepts its size and its turbulence as natural and inevitable. Second, there is the New York of the commuter — the city that is devoured by locusts each day and spat out each night. Third, there is the New York of the person who was born somewhere else and came to New York in quest of something.

I am the third. But I learned a while back that it's rather fruitless to try and figure out what you're looking for, so for what I'm questing, I have no idea...

For some reason tweeting makes me feel like a twit...

but I'm trying it again.

Click here to follow me.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

GEEK has made it to the Top 10 of YALSA's 2009 Teens' Top 10 List!

I have been such a bad blogger...I'm sorry...and I hate that my newest post is to ask you to do something..

BUT if you're so inclined, I am thrilled to announce that GEEK CHARMING has made it to YALSA's 2009 Teens' Top 10 list and if you're a teen and would like to vote for it, click here

I so appreciate the support.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

We love Disney Channel...

...for optioning GEEK CHARMING as a movie!

So what that means is that they will now hire a screenwriter to write a screenplay based on the book...and if the stars align just right, then they'll make the movie....but who knows if that'll ever happen. I'm just thrilled that it's gotten this far. The producers are Mandeville Films, the same people behind The Proposal which I just saw the other nite and thought was very cute. How can you not love Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds?

Okay, back to work...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

"One is not born a woman, one becomes one"...with the help of this very cool t-shirt.

So there is this woman named Paige Orloff, who I have never met, but, who like me, used to live in L.A. and did the whole film/TV exec thing before she packed it all in and moved east. But in her case, not to a teenytiny apartment in downtown Manhattan but to a farmhouse in upstate New York. With, like, chickens.

Anyway, I had heard her name over the years and, according to Facebook, we had all these mutual friends, and I stumbled upon this fantastic blog she does with a group of other women called The Sister Project,. The other day she had a post about this very cool woman named Lindsay Keating who has a shop on Etsy called KM Stitchery where she sells these amazing t-shirts and dresses with hand-stenciled visages of feminist icons like Simone de Beauvoir (whose quote "One is not born a woman, one becomes one" was one of the millions posted on the bulletin board that I used to have hanging over my desk in L.A.) and Frida Kahlo

Both of which I am ordering.

So check out Paige's blog and Lindsay's shop.

(P.S. Can I just say I'm very proud of myself for having blogged FOUR days in a row?!)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fallen Princesses

Obviously, in light of what I write, this series of photographs by Dina Goldstein called Fallen Princesses is totally up my alley.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And because I feel SO guilty about not blogging.

...I'm going to do two posts.

So here's the Picture of the Day. Taken by yours truly on a rainy (what else is new?) Sunday morning about a month ago.

My official-start-of-summer-even-if-you'd-never-know-it-by-the-weather blog EVERY DAY for a month.

Yeah, well, we'll see if that actually happens.
But it sounds good.

That being said, I'm reading one of those completely delicious, don't-ever-want-it-to-end-and-kinda-pissed-you-do-have-to-put-it-down-because-you-have-to-go-write-your-OWN-book books.

It's called THE ELEGANCE OF THE HEDGEHOG by Muriel Barbery and it's a-ma-zing. I haven't loved a book this much since KAFKA ON THE SHORE by Haruki Murakami. (Even though this year I did become a huge Anna Gavalda fan.

Anyway, it's just great.

Monday, June 22, 2009

To make up for being such a horrible blogger...

....I have two gifts for you:

Okay, so as many of you know, when people ask me what I miss most about L.A., I tell them that in addition to Target, one of things I miss most is my 4:30pm M-W-F yoga class with Lucy Bivins. I know yoga's all about non-attachment, but I got very attached to Lucy. And ever since I moved to NY two years ago, I've felt like Goldilocks in terms of trying to find teachers I like. This one's too fast. This one's too slow. This one's just plain annoying. But I have to say that Katie Malachuk has become my favorite teacher in town. She's super knowledgeable and wise and funny and talks just the right amount. She teaches at the Downtown location of Yogaworks and you can see her schedule here

(BTW, I also like Keith Yzquierdo and Julie Marx a lot, too). (Oh, and I also like Paula Lynch but she teaches uptown and now that I live downtown I've become one of those annoying NYers who won't go north of 23rd Street. But she's really good and I used to take her all the time when I did live uptown.)

So one day during class she mentioned she had just written a book and because I'm nosy I said "So what's your book about?" and she told me it was called YOU'RE ACCEPTED: LOSE THE STRESS. DISCOVER YOURSELF. GET INTO THE COLLEGE THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU and it's a guide to getting into college and it sounds really amazing. In fact, you preorder it from Amazon by clicking here.

So for you guys who are going to be applying to college, buy the book. Or even if you're long out of college, buy it anyway and give it to someone who will be.

And the second thing is this:

You have to watch this amazing talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of EAT PRAY LOVE about creativity. Every time I think it's all on me to figure this stuff out vis a vis the writing (or just, like, life in general), I watch this and I start to breathe again.

Okay, I feel like I've just earned some seriously good karma turning you guys on to this stuff.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Melissa and friends, where are you?

So this morning I received this email from my agent:

I came into my office this morning to find a voice mail message from a squealing group of girls, the leader of which was one named Melissa, who said that they wanted to meet Robin Palmer. And then they hung up.

How much do I love that?!

Melissa and company, that totally made my day.

I hope you'll write me at so I can tell you that.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A beautiful piece about an important subject...

OK, so not the most uplifting thing you'll read today (at least I hope not) but this beautifully written piece in today's New York Times magazine by Daphne Merkin about her battle with depression is a great read.

I'm really glad this was published -- and as a cover story. Hopefully it will help to alleviate the shame and mystery over what sadly remains a taboo subject in our society.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

If you love Judy Blume... I love Judy Blume, which, believe me, is so much that my next book is dedicated to her, please click here and show your support.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Semi-coherent musings on stuff...

I forgot that that's the subtitle of this blog, which is good because it frees me up to just go on and on and not feel like I have to make much sense and not worry about whether there's a point to what I'm writing. Because, honestly, at 10:16pm after a long day of writing and working at MTV and staying on hold for 15 minutes with the IRS and eating gnocci for dinner, my brain is too fried to find a point to much other than crawling into bed. Even thought I specifically ordered a cup of (decaf) coffee at dinner so that I could stay up really, really late tonite. Like, say, until 11:30.

I'm going back to L.A. for Memorial Day weekend. It's only my second time back since I moved away. I don't miss L.A., but I do miss my friends so I'm excited to see them. And I miss certain restaurants. And Target. And the 4:15 yoga class I used to take at Center For Yoga. And hiking in Fryman Canyon. And the coffee at Kings Road. And the coffee at Urth Caffe.

But I don't miss the traffic which, sadly, seems to be the first thing I think of when I think of L.A. and makes me want to stay away even longer.

Yesterday I was thinking about how people always say "Don't worry -- things will change" when you're going through something bad. Only the really misanthropes say it when you're in the good phases. But when the non-misanthropes say it, I smile and nod and say "I know, I know" but secretly I'm rolling my eyes (at least in my head) and thinking "But what if it doesn't? What if the way it is at this moment is the way it's going to be forever and ever and ever and it's like a Beckett play? Because that would just SUCK."

I said to someone the other day "The two words I use the most are 'always' and 'never'." As in "It's ALWAYS going to be this way" and "It's NEVER going to change." But that's just the leftover drama queen in me. The truth is, it ALWAYS changes...sometimes it just takes a while.

The reason I was thinking about this whole always-never thing is because there were a bunch of years in L.A. towards the end where I really struggled. Like really, REALLY struggled. I had left the executive ranks to write and the writing didn't come together as quickly as I hoped (like, say, the next day) and I blew through all my money, and I was doing a bunch of horrible odd jobs -- including putting Christmas gift baskets together at this catering company and working at an advertising agency where the minute I'd get in my car after work I'd start to cry - all because I wanted to write. And I WAS writing -- I just wasn't getting paid for the writing. And I had to sell all my fancy designer shoes on eBay so I could pay my rent (it wasn't like I needed to be wearing Manolo Blahniks with my yoga pants to type) and there were times I'd go to the supermarket and I'd hold my breath as the cashier was ringing up my stuff because every penny counted. And I'd lie awake at night trying to Figure It All Out until I got exhausted trying to Figure It All Out and when I stopped trying to Figure It All Out then some crazy little miracle would happen and I'd get a freelance writing gig that paid just the amount of money I needed to pay my bills for the month. Not a penny more, but just enough.

So it always had this way of working out, but it was very, very stressful. And people would say to me "Don't worry--it won't always be like this" and I'd smile and nod but inside I was saying "Yeah, well, it's been like this for YEARS now so I'm not quite sure why and when you think it's going to change, but whatever -- if saying that somehow makes you feel better, then knock yourself out."

And did. It wasn't like the change happened in one day, because it didn't. It happened over time. Like over the course of three years. It just got a little bit better, and then a little bit better, and a little bit better until finally I felt like I was on semi-solid footing. I say semi-solid because the truth is we're never on solid footing (hello, recession). It's not like I'm rich or anything, because I'm not, but I also no longer hold my breath when I go to the supermarket any longer. And if I want to buy three pairs of $19.50 sandals at Old Navy now instead of one, I do it without feeling guilty. But here's the thing - what I know now is that if for some reason, I end up back in that place -- not that I have any interest in that happening because I don't - but if I did, I do know that it wouldn't stay like that forever. I know that it would change. Eventually. Not as fast as I'd like it to, because I tend to be one of those people for whom instant gratification takes too long, but I do know that I could sit through it until it did without feeling like I was going to die any minute from the fear and uncertainty.

I have no idea what any of this has to do with anything. Probably because I'm going back to the scene of the crime, so to speak. But I guess what I want to say is that if you're going through something that sucks, keep going.

And if you're rolling your eyes as you read that, that's cool. I get it. Because if I were you, I'd be doing the same thing. In fact, I did the same thing just this weekend when I was talking to a friend about something and she said "Don't worry--it'll change." Luckily I was on the phone rather than sitting across the table from her at a restaurant so she couldn't see me.

So roll your eyes, or - even better - say out loud "Who the hell is this chick spouting all this Pollyanna b.s.?" Because you can do whatever you want - it's still going to change.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Titles, Book Festivals - all that good stuff

Okay, first of all, we now have an official title for my new book that will be out next February:


Cute, huh? I wish I could say I came up with it, but I didn't because I totally suck at titles. I don't even PRETEND to be good at them. I think Jen, my editor, came up with it.

It's a retelling LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, so it makes sense. I saw an early version of the cover and it's very cute. I'll post it here as soon as I get the okay.

If you live in New York and you're looking for something to do on Saturday, May 16th, then come to the Millbrook Book Festival in beautiful Dutchess County. Check out the schedule of events -- I think it'll be really fun. Plus I'll be on a panel there from 3:15 -4:00 so you can come and ask me all sorts of questions which I will gladly answer.

Also, if you live in Chicago, I'll be at the Chicago Tribune Printer's Row Lit Fest the weekend of June 6-7. More info on that to come.

I've been a horrible blogger, I know. And I know that's like the seventeenth time I've written that sentence. More later...I promise. xx

Friday, April 17, 2009

I don't think I've ever been nominated for ANYTHING before this...

Why Today is a Very Good Day:

1. As evidenced by the abundant sunshine and the fact that I got to leave my coat at home today, it's finally spring.

2. I bought a pair of old school Dr. Scholl's sandals (red, natch).

3. I'm drinking a Tab.


If you click here, you can read about what the Teens' Top 10 List is and if you click here, you can see the entire list of nominees.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teen Vogue Haute Spot at Short Hills Mall

So I'll be at the Teen Vogue Haute Spot at the Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, NJ this coming Wednesday, April 22nd at 5pm to talk about GEEK CHARMING.

Penguin Book Reading: Robin Palmer’s Geek Charming
When: Wednesday, April 22nd, 5:00 P.M.
Come hear author/screenwriter Robin Palmer discuss her LA fairytale bestseller, “Geek Charming”—a “Clueless” meets the “Frog Prince” look at LA high school popularity. In addition to an author Q&A, a TEEN VOGUE Merchandising Editor will be on hand to help you put together your own “happily-ever-after” spring look.

If you're around come by.

And I just realized if I'm showing up for Teen Vogue, I should probably actually put a presentable outfit together....hmmmm.. Note that a Teen Vogue Merchandising Editor will help you put an outfit together - not me - because the older I get, the more that talent has shriveled up and died.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good news to come

I keep thinking I'll wait and write when I have including exciting news to, say, 1) I won the lottery, or 2) Seth Rogen left his girlfriend for me...but neither of those have happened 1) because I've never bought a lottery ticket in my life and 2) because other than seeing me in the post office on Fairfax Avenue the day before I moved from L.A, all sweaty and gross because I was frantically running around town doing the stuff that one does when one is organizationally-challenged and about to move one's life of 17 years across the country, Seth Rogen does not know I exist.

The truth is, as I think I said in my last post, I've pretty much been writing. Throw in some yoga classes, dinners with friends, some trips to the dry cleaner and the supermarket, afternoons at MTV, but, yeah, it's mostly been about the writing. I'm just finishing up the last revision on the next fairy tale retelling which will go to copyediting next week. It's a retelling of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and because I have the best editor in the world - Jennifer Bonnell - and because her colleague Kristin Gilson is also incredibly astute at her job - the book is in really good shape. It's about a high school junior who's a bit of a drama queen (okay, so maybe not a bit....maybe a MAJOR one) and in love with the idea of love and meets a guy on a plane on her way to her grandmother's house.

Let's just say that it saved me thousands of dollars in therapy as it allowed me to work out my feelings and get some closure on a certain relationship with a certain person of the opposite sex I recently had. I have to say, writing's pretty great when not only do you get to do THAT but you also EARN a few bucks in the process.

So I've been doing that, and I've been working on YOURS TRULY, LUCY B. PARKER which is my new middle grade series which I'm very excited about.

Wow - just got some fabulous news - like LITERALLY just got it - but can't talk about it....but it's pretty awesome. Hopefully will be posting about it in a few weeks.

Oh wait - I DO have some news...I don't have all the specifics yet, but if you live near the Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, NJ, I will be there on April 22nd, come by to the Teen Vogue Haute Spot where I will be there with GEEK CHARMING.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

There's nothing else to say...

...I'm the worst blogger in the entire world.

I know.

I'm just so BUSY. Which I'm not complaining about because God knows I had years where I was most definitely NOT busy...and that pretty much sucked.

But it's about balance. Of which I have very little at the moment.

That being said, that horrible tragedy that happened yesterday with Natasha Richardson has been a huge eye-opener. A person's life can change - or be over - in a minute.

So why am I spending all my time indoors writing? Especially now that spring is almost officially here. (maybe not temperature-wise, but at least calendar-wise).

Anyway. Yeah -- go live your life. I'm going to.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yet more about me-me-me-me-me

My posting habits have been atrocious -- mainly because I've been so busy writing. But someone sent this to me and I figured instead of being creative and coming up with something original, instead I'd be ultra lame and just answer these questions.

1) Are you currently in a serious relationship?

Other than with my new book? No. I'm not even in an UNserious relationship at the moment.

2) What was your dream growing up?

My dream was...drumroll write books. Look at that -- it came true!

3) What talent do you wish you had?

I wish I knew how to play piano.

4) If I bought you a drink what would it be?

In the summer? Iced tea. In the winter? A nonfat cappucino.

5) Favorite vegetable?

As of this year, beets. Crazy, huh? I spent the 39 previous years avoiding them like the plague.

6) What was the last book you read?

I re-read PLAY IT AS IT LAYS by Joan Didion for like the 10th time. Favorite. Book. Ever.

7) What zodiac sign are you?

First day of Aquarius. Taurus rising. PIsces moon. Venus in Pisces. Oh, and 6 planets in the 12th house. Now you know exactly why I am the way I am.

8) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.

Two tattoos. One is the Chinese symbol for strength and it's right above my left hipbone. The other is on my lower back (a.k.a. trampstamp) and it's a fleur-de-lys in the middle of a butterfly.

9) Worst Habit?

Worrying that it's all going to fall apart five minutes from now.

10) What is your favorite sport?

Yoga's not a sport, is it? It it were, it would be yoga. To watch, I'd say tennis and basketball.

11) Do you have a Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude?

It depends on where I am in my menstrual cycle. But I guess in general I would call myself an optimist who has to work hard to keep her pessimistic leanings in check.

12) What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator?

Try not to worry that I was going to use all the oxygen up. (see questions 9 and 11)

13) Worst thing to ever happen to you?

My mother dying when I was six.

14) What's one weird fact about you?

Just one? Hmm...I've lived in NYC for a year and a half and I've only been in a cab 4 times?

15) Do you have any pets?

Two cats. O'Neill, who is named after Eugene and is the sweetest thing in the entire world although he has a perpetually worried look on his face; and Onyx, who I'm pretty sure has Aspergers Syndrome. It's her world and O'Neill and I are just lucky to live in it.

16) What would you do if someone showed up at your house unexpectedly?

Offer them some water.

17) Do you think clowns are cute or scary?

Neither. I think they're annoying.

18) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?

Seeing that I've worked incredibly hard on self-acceptance over the last decade, I'm gonna go with nothing.

19) Are you more a partner-in-crime or conscience?

Depends on the day.

20) What color eyes do you have?


21) Ever been arrested?


22) Bottle or can soda?

As Tab only comes in cans and it's my favorite, I'm gonna say can.

23) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?

Put it towards a down payment on a house in upstate NY or western MA.

24) What's your favorite place to hang out?

Central Park

25) Do you believe in ghosts?


26) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

What spare time?

27) Do you swear a lot?

I go in phases. The last few days, yes.

28) Biggest pet peeve?

People who are self-absorbed and narcissistic.

29) In one word, how would you describe yourself?


30) Do you believe/appreciate romance?

Hmm...I appreciate it, but the the older I get and the more research I do and read, I don't believe in it in the way that Hallmark sells it to us. What people think of as romance and true love is actually a hormonal, chemical reaction to a human being and a host of projections that, after about 3 months, begin to be withdrawn, leaving us with realization that said human being is exactly that - a human being - which can be a total and complete bummer when you've been operating under the mistaken assumption that they're perfect. It's only when what we call "romance" is gone that it actually starts to become a relationship rather than just an infatuation. I think this is probably a much longer answer than anyone wanted to hear.

31) Favorite and least favorite food?

Favorite: cupcakes
Least Favorite: liver

32) Do you believe in God?

I believe in a force that is much greater and much wiser than my finite self. But do I believe in God in the traditional sense as an old man with a beard sitting on a throne in judgement of me? No.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Be my friend...

....on Facebook by clicking here

I know there's an easy way to do this, but because A) it's 7:40am on a Saturday morning and I've only had half a cup of coffee and B) I'm technologically challenged anyway, I don't know how to do it.

In other news, check back soon because Dylan from GEEK CHARMING will have her own blog!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something to keep in mind...

If you've read GEEK CHARMING and you liked it, if you'd be kind enough to post a review on Amazon or Barnes & Noble, I'd so appreciate the feedback.

Thank you

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, Joni, I could drink a case of you...

If anyone wants to get me a gift, you can get me this...

I so want to come back as Joni Mitchell in my next lifetime.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How much do I love Shari Stack and the kids at Mepham High?!

Okay, so usually when I do a Q&A after a reading, I get stuff like "Can you describe your writing process?" (um, no--not because I'm being secretive but because the whole thing is completely mystifying) and "What's a typical day like in a writer's life?" (for the most part, very boring...and usually includes coffee, yoga pants and - when writing is not going well - various tasks that have to be done THAT VERY MOMENT like the removal of nail polish and looking up long lost friends from fifth grade on Facebook).

However, yesterday when I spoke to the kids at Mepham High in Bellmore, New York, I was asked by Sara Kulins "So in your book CINDY ELLA, Cindy believes in you believe in soulmates?

What a GREAT question. So much more interesting than "What do you wear when you write?" (see first paragraph for answer). My answer was yes...and no. Yes, I believe in the concept of soulmates, but I don't believe we have just one and I definitely don't think, if we come across one, that means we're guaranteed to stay with them forever. Sadly, I'm pretty certain about that second part...*sigh*.

Anyway, I had a great time during the visit, and I was especially touched by this fabulous larger-than-life rendition of the cover of CINDY ELLA by the fabulously talented Chrissy Hirsch. I also got to spend the day with my incredible publisher, Eileen Kreit, who is a graduate of Mepham. Turns out we graduated the same year, and as we looked through her yearbook I saw the kids there looked exactly like that did at mine -- TONS of HUGE hair.

I'll be going back to Mepham for the new member induction of the National English Honor Society on March 10th - can't wait!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Thrilled to report that GEEK CHARMING is now available in bookstores.

Or you can order online at:

I'm finishing up the revision on the NEXT one, which is why I've been such a bad blogger, but hope to come up for air soon.

Enjoy the book...


Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Things..

This is going around Facebook and, this morning, because I was looking for an excuse for not doing my work, I decided to come up with 25 random facts about me.

Once you've been tagged you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs, on your profile, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people, then click publish)

1. I'm colorblind.

2. When I was five, I changed my name to Thumbelina for two days and would not answer to anything else.

3. I'm still bummed that, in a fit of pride and a desire to prove my maturity, I threw my blankie out when I was seven and that by the time I came to my senses, the garbage man had already taken it away.

4. I can't believe I was a blonde for all those years. I'm so a brunette at heart.

5. I'm never happier or feel like I'm more myself than when I'm writing. Even on the days when it's not going well.

6. At some point I'd love to go to Pacifica University and get my degree in Depth Psychology and become a Jungian psychoanalyst in addition to writing.

7. I'd like to live in Paris for a while.

8. My dream is to be able to split my time between Manhattan and a house in upstate New York or western MA.

9. I'm incredibly disorganized.

10. As moderation is not one of my strong suits, I can't keep a box of cookies in the house without eating the whole thing.

11. I studied French for 12 years but have a horrible accent so I'm self-conscious about speaking.

12. If I had a daughter, I'd name her Clementine.

13. One day a few years ago when I was questioning whether I was on the right track with the writing, I was walking down 3rd Ave and I said to myself "I need a sign" and a black Towncar pulled up and Joan Didion got out. The next day I started writing CINDY ELLA, which became my first published novel.

14. I have two tattoos.

15. I could listen to Joni Mitchell and Miles Davis all day.

16. If I have learned anything, it's that everything passes. Most of the time not as quickly as I'd like, but it does pass.

17. I'm somewhat shocked at how many of my dreams have proved to be prescient.

18. I'm pretty sure one of my cats has Aspergers Syndrome.

19. I used to smoke a pack and a half a day for 15 years.

20. I really have no interest in cooking.

21. I was almost the Johnson & Johnson No More Tangles girl.

22. I've only been in a cab 4 times since I moved to New York. My favorite thing about living here is that I get to walk so much.

23. I tend to eat the same thing for lunch every day until I burn out on it completely. This month it's Amy's Brown Rice Bowls.

24. Sometimes in yoga, when it comes time to do crow pose, I say a very un-yogic "F*ck" under my breath because all these years later, I still can't do it.

25. I am incredibly happy and content in my life at the moment - and it's taken every day of the last 40 years to get here.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Publishers Weekly review of GEEK CHARMING

I have to say, it was hard to leave 82 degree-Turks & Caicos weather to return to 28-degree Manhattan, but this review as a welcome home gift made it a lot easier...

Geek Charming Robin Palmer. Speak, $7.99 paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-14-241122-3

The perils of popularity are showcased in a lighthearted contemporary novel filled with snappy dialogue. The fun begins when A-lister Dylan drops her designer handbag in a mall’s fountain. Her geeky classmate Josh rescues it, and to return the favor, Dylan (reluctantly) agrees to star in his USC application film, documenting the “the inner workings of the in crowd” at Castle Heights High. Told from the alternating perspectives of the two teens, the story traces Dylan’s fall from grace as her friends recognize her back-stabbing tendencies around the same time she is dumped by her handsome boyfriend. Her trials parallel Josh’s rise in social status when Dylan gives him a makeover. Readers will likely feel more for Josh than for Dylan in the beginning (although his hypochondria does prove annoying), yet aspects of Dylan—even her shallowness—become increasingly endearing as her vulnerabilities come to light. Rather than following the predictable route of having opposites fall in love, Palmer (Cindy Ella) offers a slightly more original and plausible alternative. Ages 12–up. (Feb.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

40 is the new 30...

I actually wrote a book with that title once. Actually, it was called 30 is the New 40. I think. It was a while ago so I don't remember.

Anyway, my 40th is on Wednesday but I had a party last night that was great. If you are my friend on Facebook, you can see them there. I'm posting only 2 here. Because the cupcakes are inanimate objects, they can't demand photo approval.

I had waaaay too many cupcakes, but it was well worth it

Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm still around...

...just not blogging a lot.

I can't believe the last time was Xmas.

Not even a Happy New Year post.

Sorry about that.

Lots going on. GEEK CHARMING pubs on February 5th which is so exciting, but before that I have my birthday party tomorrow night, my 40th birthday next Wednesday ( on EARTH did that happen?!) and then a much-needed vacation to Parrot Cay on Turks & Caicos for four days. I haven't been on a vacation like that since Mexico with my ex-boyfriend Alex when I was 26 and he got food poisoning and I got sun poisoning and we spent the entire time watching HBO in the room.

It's freezing in New York today. When the New York Times says "bitterly cold" and "frigid" on the front page you know you're in trouble. I wish it would snow more though... We've gotten a little bit over the last few weeks but it never sticks. Meanwhile it' been in the 80s in L.A. Crazy.

I'm excited for GEEK to come out and start doing signings. Will post dates on my website when that's all figured out.

My father is in the process of transferring over stuff on VHS tapes to DVDs and the other day he told me that he found footage from his 50th birthday party in Las Vegas where I'm sitting there smoking a cigarette and saying to the camera that I'm "20 and a half years old."

Cigarettes. 20 and a half.

Both such a long, long time ago.

40 always seemed so old to me. It meant kids, and mortgages, and the suburbs. It didn't mean writing novels and living in downtown NYC and going to yoga and not smoking.

It's all good. Different than I thought, but all good.