Friday, September 26, 2008

Do your part to get Obama elected...become a Schlepper.

Click here to watch a really funny video. (BTW, the guy in the video is my friend Alex Desert from L.A. who has one of the greatest smiles in the world.)

Interestingly enough, the book I'm working on now is about a girl who goes to Florida to visit her grandmother....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yeah, me, too...

Look at this...two posts in less than 12 hours.

Anyway, this is a line from a review of CE that someone just brought to my attention:

"I wish real life would always let you end up with the guy you want to be with all along."

Um, yeah, me, too.. why do you think I'm a WRITER?! So I can control SOMEONE'S world!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Has it been almost a month...

...since I've written?

Um, yeah.

I have lots of excuses as to why..actually, I have one...and when you hear it, you'll understand why I haven't written:


Which meant the following:

1. Hours spent surfing Craigslist for apartment listings
2. Schlepping around Manhattan to look at said apartments (FYI? "Cozy" and "charming" translate to beyond small and beyond old)
3. Finding an apartment
4. Freaking out about shelling out so much money (can you say 15% of annual rent broker's fee?!)
5. Packing.
6. Unpacking.
7. Countless trips to Bed Bath & Beyond and Container Store (thank God I live across the street).
8. Numerous visits to Crate & Barrel website to decide which couch to buy for O'Neill to use as an oversized scratching post.

Add in writing, MTV, deciding what to wear to baby brother's upcoming wedding on Saturday (I take that back - to be honest, I gave that about five minutes thought, while in the shower this morning, and thankfully came up with an idea right then and there), and before you know it almost a month flies by.

But now I'm in and settled. Well, as settled as one can be without a dresser which means that all my clothes are still in boxes.

I adore my apartment. I adore it even more now that they've removed the fiberglass bathtub liner that had so much water underneath it that it made it feel like I was trying to balance on a raft when taking a shower. And I'll adore it even more when the re-glaze the tub on Thursday.

I even adore my Barbie kitchenette. At 39 years old I no longer feel bad about the fact that I don't like to cook...because if I did, I'd be miserable because there's no room to make anything more elaborate than an English muffin.

It's funny -- when I moved to NY last year I walked around for the first six months saying "How could anyone live anywhere but NY?" and now that I've moved down here, I walk around saying "How can anyone live anywhere but down here?" I'm quickly becoming like most NYers I know -- where I start to get anxious when someone suggests I leave my three square block radius for dinner.

I love my new home and I love NY (August 29th was a year) and I love my life.

It's all good.