Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teen Vogue Haute Spot at Short Hills Mall

So I'll be at the Teen Vogue Haute Spot at the Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, NJ this coming Wednesday, April 22nd at 5pm to talk about GEEK CHARMING.

Penguin Book Reading: Robin Palmer’s Geek Charming
When: Wednesday, April 22nd, 5:00 P.M.
Come hear author/screenwriter Robin Palmer discuss her LA fairytale bestseller, “Geek Charming”—a “Clueless” meets the “Frog Prince” look at LA high school popularity. In addition to an author Q&A, a TEEN VOGUE Merchandising Editor will be on hand to help you put together your own “happily-ever-after” spring look.

If you're around come by.

And I just realized if I'm showing up for Teen Vogue, I should probably actually put a presentable outfit together....hmmmm.. Note that a Teen Vogue Merchandising Editor will help you put an outfit together - not me - because the older I get, the more that talent has shriveled up and died.

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