Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good news to come

I keep thinking I'll wait and write when I have including exciting news to, say, 1) I won the lottery, or 2) Seth Rogen left his girlfriend for me...but neither of those have happened 1) because I've never bought a lottery ticket in my life and 2) because other than seeing me in the post office on Fairfax Avenue the day before I moved from L.A, all sweaty and gross because I was frantically running around town doing the stuff that one does when one is organizationally-challenged and about to move one's life of 17 years across the country, Seth Rogen does not know I exist.

The truth is, as I think I said in my last post, I've pretty much been writing. Throw in some yoga classes, dinners with friends, some trips to the dry cleaner and the supermarket, afternoons at MTV, but, yeah, it's mostly been about the writing. I'm just finishing up the last revision on the next fairy tale retelling which will go to copyediting next week. It's a retelling of LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and because I have the best editor in the world - Jennifer Bonnell - and because her colleague Kristin Gilson is also incredibly astute at her job - the book is in really good shape. It's about a high school junior who's a bit of a drama queen (okay, so maybe not a bit....maybe a MAJOR one) and in love with the idea of love and meets a guy on a plane on her way to her grandmother's house.

Let's just say that it saved me thousands of dollars in therapy as it allowed me to work out my feelings and get some closure on a certain relationship with a certain person of the opposite sex I recently had. I have to say, writing's pretty great when not only do you get to do THAT but you also EARN a few bucks in the process.

So I've been doing that, and I've been working on YOURS TRULY, LUCY B. PARKER which is my new middle grade series which I'm very excited about.

Wow - just got some fabulous news - like LITERALLY just got it - but can't talk about it....but it's pretty awesome. Hopefully will be posting about it in a few weeks.

Oh wait - I DO have some news...I don't have all the specifics yet, but if you live near the Short Hills Mall in Short Hills, NJ, I will be there on April 22nd, come by to the Teen Vogue Haute Spot where I will be there with GEEK CHARMING.

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