Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring has sprung

Okay, not really, but a girl can dream.

Before I moved, all I heard (from ex-NYers) was "Sure, you'll like New York--but let's see how you feel in February, when it's cold and rainy." And I'd just smile and say "Yeah, well, I grew up in Boston and remember the Blizzard of '78, so I think I'll be okay." And I have been okay. In fact, I haven't complained AT ALL about the weather.

Okay, not exactly true. I didn't start complaining until a week ago and that's only because everyone else started complaining--we're talking native NYers--and therefore I thought it would be okay if I started chiming in.

It's not that the cold is bothering me--it's that it's been going on so long. And the fact that every store window has cute little sleeveless sundresses isn't helping the situation.

So, yes, I'm ready for spring. I'm ready to start wearing flip-flops.

And I won't complain the heat either.

As you can see, I'm really stretching here with stuff to write about. That's because I highly doubt you want to hear about how I spent most of the weekend doing my taxes and working on my rewrite on the second fairy tale.

Oh! I almost forgot. How on earth could I have forgotten this?!


On Saturday I discovered Pell Street in Chinatown. More specifically, I discovered the hair salons there. Where I can get my hair washed and blown out for $15.


This discovery officially made my year.

So as I am writing this, it's with my sleek, soft, straight hair.

I'm officially addicted.

Because if I'm going to be wearing cute little sundresses and flip-flops soon enough, I need to have pretty hair.

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ben said...

Mazel tov for discovering Pell Street. We of course will demand photos of the new do (though it's acceptable to wait to post until sundress and flip flop weather arrives).

When I lived Upstate we used to say "Half the bad weather in the world goes through Ithaca . . . and the other half stays there."

You'll love spring in the City -- we don't get one here in LA.