Friday, March 7, 2008

Homecoming Queen. (yeah, about just Homecoming?)

What a fab, fab day.

Rented a car and drove to NJ (who knew driving could be so fun when you no longer have to do it on a daily basis?!) and spoke at my alma mater Ocean Township High School to a bunch of Creative Writing and English class students, which was organized by the absolutely lovely librarian Donna Emeric.

The kids were so great -- asked terrific questions. I don't remember our class having such a high percentage of good looking kids. And all really sweet. Lots of Jordans. And Taylors. I think I'll need to put some in my next book.

Someone asked me who my teachers had been while I was there, and I said that I couldn't remember a lot of them, but that my favorite was my AP English teacher George Ripley, to which a girl said "That's my dad!" It turned out Mr. Ripley (I know I'm 39 and should be able to call him George, but I just can't get myself do it) retired two years ago, but he still helps out with the theatre stuff and after I was done, he SHOWED UP! It was great to be able to tell him in person how much he had inspired me -- even if he did make us read Madame Bovary, which I didn't end up reading until the night before the test.

After that met my prom date Tom for coffee and then headed over to the mall where I had dinner with one of my dearest friends from high school Dawn McManus-now-Collett who teaches at Monmouth Regional High School, which is right near where we grew up. I haven't seen her since I was in college and it felt like absolutely no time had passed.

After that we made our way over to Borders and I felt like all that was missing was the marching band and balloons. Seriously, those guys went to town -- you couldn't swing a cat without hitting a copy of CE which was amazing. I felt as famous as a reality show star. Really.

Tom showed up with his two daughters Allie And Abbey, which was great. And then my old friend Paul Abrams showed up with his wife and two kids. And Jen, my lovely and fabulously talented editor even came by.

What a great, great night.

Sadly I was too tired to take advantage of the Freehold Raceway Mall -- and it was HUGE. I did, however, find myself quite soothed by the amount of strip malls on Route 35 as I drove around all day.


Nikki said...

When you visited Ocean Township High and did some of the book signings I was the third one you signed for. I loved your book and well I like to write as well, but my writing can not surpass those that you have created. Inspiration is not something that comes by easily in writing, but to truly be a good writer you inspire the readers. Ergo you have. Thank you!

Robin Palmer said...

Hey Nikki...thank you SO much for the kind words -- they mean so much to me. I'm so glad you liked the book, but I'm even more excited that you were inspired in terms of your own writing. Good luck with it!