Monday, February 25, 2008

The shriek that could be heard all the way in Manhattan

So yesterday, Lexa, Patrick and I spent a sunny afternoon strolling down Park Slope's Seventh Avenue and we stopped in the Barnes & Noble where I'll be reading this coming Thursday at 3:30. After my first non-friend-requested autograph by a lovely young girl named Lina--which, I can't even begin to tell you, was beyond exciting--we left to go in search of coffee. But as we walked out the door I let out this huge shriek because, right there in the window, was a big poster announcing my reading.

Okay, the Lina part was exciting, but the poster part? Beyond, beyond exciting.

Of course Patrick took a picture because he's good at that stuff. And of course I cribbed it from his blog because otherwise I wouldn't be able to show you what the shrieking was about.

BTW, I could so live in Brooklyn. I came to that conclusion once we found the good coffee at Ozzie's, which came after we were given was basically amounted to brown water at another place which shall remain nameless so that I don't get sued for slander because I haven't yet sold enough books to pay the legal fees.

And as we were walking, a mother called out to her little girl whose name was..... India -- like my India in the book. She also had another kid, whom she called 'Punzel, which prompted the three of us to wonder aloud whether the child was named after Rapunzel, which then prompted me to announce that maybe I'd have a gaggle of children just so that I could name them all after fairy tale characters, which then prompted Lexa and Patrick to give me a very strange look, which then prompted me to shut up.

And although I look like I'm pregnant with the first in the gaggle in the picture above, I'm not. It's just the down in the down jacket.


Jen said...

The poster! How awesome is that?

Anonymous said...

I saw Cindy Ella in a bookstore here in Alexandria MN. I am a collector of Cinderella stories retold and so I had to buy it. I read it all in one day. (I'm a total bookworm) It was great! I had to go check out your website and then when I saw your blog I had to leave a note. I am a 17 year-old girl who is going to prom despite the fact that I believe it's a little over-hyped. I just want to say that I want to be a writer someday and your bio in the back of the book sounds like my future as I see it. Thanks for a great read and I am SO looking forward to more books by you!!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! May all of your coming events be fantastic.