Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How I Spent My Senior Prom by Robin Palmer

So a few weeks ago I was asked if I had any interested in writing an original essay for

Um, yeah.

I was told that it could be about anything, and seeing that Cindy Ella takes place during prom time, I decided to write about my own own even though it was a million and a half years ago. So, with flashbacks to high school English class, I hunkered down in my bunker (a.k.a my Upper West Side apartment) and wrote this.

After I was done, I had one of my Clever And Witty Moments, where I came up with the idea that it would be fun if they posted my prom picture with the essay. You know, next to my RECENT author photo, so people would see that I wasn't some weird authoress with frosted blonde hair who refused to let go of the '80s.

Maybe the including-the-RECENT-author-photo part got lost in translation/cyberspace, but it's not there. Which means that as far as the people who read the essay on are concerned, I'm this weird authoress with frosted blonde hair who's refused to let go of the '80s.

Yes, I'm being vain. I know. But I'm allowed a few of those a year. As an L.A. resident you're allotted ten. Here in NYC, you only get five and I've only used two in the six months I've lived here.


Anonymous said...

I love that prom photo, even if it doesn't have your GORGEOUS author photo next to it!

Jen said...

poo, that last comment was me.