Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How exciting is this?!

So I just found out that the Los Angeles Times will be reviewing CE (that's how those "in the know" refer to Cindy Ella. Okay, well, not really -- that's what I refer to it as because I get too lazy to type the entire title out)

I probably shouldn't announce they're reviewing it because if it turns out it's a bad review, it's not like I want to be advertising it or anything, but a) I'm super excited and b) as my dear friend Julie Golden says, "I got nothin'" Nothin' to write about, that is. I've been too busy w-o-r-k-ing. I'm very grateful for the work, but it turns out I sort of forgot what it's like to be so busy. I used to love being busy -- mostly because it helped to lower the volume on the chatter in my head. Now? Not so much. Both on the loving-being-so-busy front (no longer a fan) and the chatter in my head (down to a very dull roar). Maybe all that yoga I've done over the years has done more than just strengthen my triceps.

So between the impending LA Times review, and all this work, and a bunch of other things that I won't go into at this moment, life is good.

Really good.


jen said...

AWESOME! Nice work! Also, a) it won't be a bad review and b) even if it is, it won't matter because Cindy rules and also it's a big ole paper and that is some kickass publicity there!

Anonymous said...

How great!