Friday, April 4, 2008

More rain

Okay, enough of the winter-like weather.

I know April showers bring May showers but the cold is hurting my bones and the lack of light is hurting my mood.

Meanwhile, I'm in the home stretch of the revision of the second book and once I resurface I will start blogging again because I'm sure all of my many readers (or at least the two I know about, my dad and my friend Amy) have missed my posts.

I'm going to L.A. on Sunday morning and coming back to NY at 4pm on Monday. Way too quick of a trip, but I get to stay at Shutters On The Beach which is a very cushy hotel with fabulous bathtubs. One of the perks of working for a large corporation.

1 comment:

grrprr said...

What are you up to here? Then you turn around and come back in two weeks? Huh? Let me know -- I must clear my PACKED (errr, rrrright) social calendar. . .


ps. I read your blog, too. So there. :-D