Sunday, April 13, 2008

Do you miss me?

I don't think we're in Manhattan anymore, Toto
Ocean Avenue
View from my hotel room
I miss you.

I know, I know -- I don't write anymore, I don't call...

But I can't help it. I'm a busy girl.

Last I wrote, my wallet had been stolen. And returned. All in one day. Then I figured out that the people who returned it were most likely the people who used the cards, which is beyond screwed up. But, hey, I'm just glad it's back because I certainly wasn't looking forward to spending a morning at the DMV getting a new license.

Went to L.A. last Sunday and came back 24 hours later. Weird to be back there --felt like a foreign country in many ways on Sunday, but by Monday felt like I had never left which was a bit scary. Very much enjoyed the sunshine, and the bathtub at Shutters On The Beach, the hotel where I stayed. Going back again on Friday for 10 days.

So, yeah, have been writing nonstop and am sure I am technically braindead and should not be allowed to operate heavy machinery. But once the book is done, I promise I will resume my semi-regular posting.


ken said...

Something use to happen to me when I drove through the Lincoln tunnel from the Jersey side and hit Manhattan. I became a madman, a horn-honking madman filled with road rage driving cross-town. But, oh my, the serenity that replaced those anxious feelings when I sat down and became filled with the knowledge that the experienced hand-shaking waiters at the Carnegie Deli would never spill a drop of my food. That made my journey worthwhile.

Home for me is the desert. I love to visit LA and NYC. Live there? No thanks! Do I miss you? You bet!

Jen said...

they returned it, but used the cards? SO SCREWED UP!

but at least you get to look at the pretty pretty ocean!