Friday, October 31, 2008


So Blair Singer is a not only a phenomenally talented writer who is currently writing a movie for me at MTV, but he's a wonderful human being as well. And talented--did I mention talented?

Anyway, he has a new play opening called THE MOST DAMAGING WOUND -- click here to read more about it and buy your tickets. Because Blair is that cool and you really should support good writing.

But even more importantly click here to see the trailer that his 3-year-old daughter Eliza shot because it's just too cute.

So if you're in NY, go see the play. And if you're not in NY, make a special trip TO NY to see the play. Apparently you're allowed to bring snacks into the theatre, which should make it even more enticing. Actually, what I was told was that I could bring a Diet Coke in. Snacks--ie. candy, cookies, cupcakes--were not discussed.

But give it a try.

Meanwhile, in other news, the Halloween parade is going down 6th Avenue. I live on the corner of 6th Avenue. Suffice to say it's very loud.

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