Sunday, June 22, 2008

Thou Shalt Not Think (at least not in July)

My friend Terri Wagener who is not only one of the most incredible writers I know and one of my Fairy Godmothers Of Writing, but also beyond wise when it comes to the heart and Relationships-with-a-capital-R posted this on my Facebook page:

Make you a deal. Let's have a pact that we two shall do all in our power to Not Think in the month of July. We think too much. We over analyze. We think it gives us some kind of control/protection in Life. It does not.

We don't have to be superficial till July, though. Which gives us a couple of weeks to note how deeply we are attached to thinking and also to practice skipping along the surface, like smooth stones on a pond.

Are you game? Or do you want to sink below and down like usual? Much like stone trying to find the fresh air and float?

I wrote back and said that, yes, I was indeed game. God, am I game. Because I'm sick of Thinking--especially about Relationships-with-a-capital-R. I asked Terri if that means we can just talk about nail polish and People magazine for an entire month and this was her reply:

Re nail polish and People. NO. We can't talk about those -- it will tempt Fate. We'll have opinions. The point is to just observe life, have no opinion, no desire (Very Buddhist), float above. Kinda act stoned -- but in a good way. Turks & Caicos? And LONDON for the 4th? Your life is magnificent, Robin. It is The Best Ever! By YOUR efforts. Let it BE. :->

So my July resolution is to Not Think And just Let It Be And See What happens.

Maybe I won't even wait til July. Maybe I'll start now.

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grrprr said...

OMG! I just now caught up with your blog and see this! I'm so flattered. You're a sweetheart to the google power.

Sooooo -- we start not thinking next Tuesday, yes? We shall email our fine observations to each other -- not our thoughts, since we won't have any.

Ariel will give you a lot to think about in London, I know. So you should take notes. Then you can think about them in August. And since no one thinks about ANYTHING in August (especially in NYC), we'll just reschedule all that thinking for after Labor Day.

This will be fun. Maybe later in the fall, I can think for you and you can think for me. A buddy-system- think-thing. :->