Sunday, November 7, 2010


Let's not talk about how many months it's been since I've blogged.

Instead, let's watch Katie Makkai's genius spoken word video where she talks about the word "pretty."



Wolverina said...

omigosh! you're robin palmer! i just finished reading "sealed with a kiss", part of your lucy b parker series (in fact, it's in my lap right now) and it was AWESOME. i envy lucy... except her coordination problems. :P i just have one question = are you gonna write more books for the series? Reply soon! you are COOL!


Wolverina said...

omigosh! you're robin palmer! let's just say i love your series! I just finished reading the book "sealed with a kiss" (in fact, it's on my lap right now) and i just wanna say... I LOVED IT! i have a couple of questions :
1) are you gonna write more books to add to the series
2) which character do you love/like the most?

reply soon!

Robin Palmer said...

Hey Pia
I'm so glad you like the series. Thanks so much for writing to let me know.
Yes, there are 3 more books in the series forthcoming...AND it's being developed as a TV show for Nickelodeon, so hopefully if they like the script, it will become an actual TV series as well which would be great. As for which character I like the most, I love them all, but I'd have to say Lucy is my favorite ;)

Wolverina said...

OK, im not very good with this posting thing, but it's PIA again :)
Thanks for replying! There are many authors who wouldn't care to reply, but YOU DID! So now, one more question:
I write books, too, and im in the middle of one right now (it's about wolves). What inspired you?
-PIA ;)

Wolverina said...

Oh by the way, since im not good at BLOGSPOTTING, i'll just make my name WOLVERINA :) Thanks

Wolverina said...

hey its pia... i was wondering, what are the next books in the "Lucy B. Parker" series gonna be about... any hints? surprises? i cant wait!!! :)

yours truly (haha),