Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Another great review of LUCY...

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Yours Truly, Lucy B. Parker: Girl vs. Superstar.
Palmer, Robin (Author)
May 2010. 224 p. Penguin/Puffin, hardcover, $15.99. (9780399254895). Penguin/Puffin, paperback,
$6.99. (9780142415009).
Sixth-grader Lucy has been dumped by her two BFFs, is on the alert for the start of her period, and is
basically trying to get through each day without humiliating herself. The last thing she needs is to be
known as the gawky, untalented stepsister of TV star Laurel Moses, the most adored teen celebrity in the
world. But that’s exactly what will happen when Lucy’s mom marries Laurel’s dad. Blending Lucy’s emails
to TV agony aunt Dr. Maude with Lucy’s first-person narrative about how her life becomes
increasingly entangled with Laurel’s, this funny, fast-paced book introduces what should be a promising
new series. Lucy presents herself as just a normal girl trying to survive an extraordinary turn of events, but
readers will recognize that there is nothing average about Lucy, and what she lacks in star quality is easily
compensated for by her honesty, humor, and moxie. Give this to fans of Meg Cabot’s work, who will
enjoy watching Lucy transition from small-town living to life in the limelight.
— Kara Dean

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