Sunday, December 7, 2008

We interrupt this program for some shameless self-promotion

As it's officially freezing - at least here in NYC - chances are you have no interest in leaving your house to go holiday shopping. Chances are you'd like to do all your shopping online and buy the people you care about....a book. Probably a fun book. With a sparkly cover.

Guess what? You're in luck.

Because I know of TWO books with sparkly covers that you could buy said people you care about without leaving the house.

One is Cindy Ella and the other one is Geek Charming.

Now, Geek Charming isn't actually going to be released until February 5th, but that's actually good, because that means that those people you care about will have something to look forward to. Chances are they'll get a bunch of other gifts around the holidays, so in a way, you'll get extra bonus points because your gift will arrive when they're in the zenith of post holiday depression and really need to be cheered up. And studies have shown that books with sparkly covers have the same effect as 100 mg of Prozac.

Better yet, look at this way: you're actually buying two people holiday gifts: the person who will be receiving the book with the sparkly cover and me, the author.

I thank you in advance for your gift.

And now we return to our regular scheduled programming.


Lianne said...
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Lianne said...

Yeah I'm so excited! I can't wait to read Geek Charming!