Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Watch The American Mall on MTV on August 11 -- So I'll Continue to Have a Job to Go To

As well as Cindy Ella is doing, I am sorry to say that I have yet to reach Stephanie Meyer-level sales figures (accent on "yet")...which means that I still have to work a day job. I'm lucky in that mine happens to be a very cool one, where I oversee the development of the movies that premiere on MTV. Not only do I get to work on fun things, but I basically get to wear whatever I want to work.

On Monday August 11 at 9PM EST/8PM CT, The American Mall will premiere. It's from the producers of High School Musical and it's very cute. Here's a link to the official website.

And People Magazine gave it 3 stars out of 4!

So watch the movie (and then buy the DVD and the soundtrack), because if you do, that means we'll continue to make more of them. And if we make more movies, that means I will continue to have a job. And if I continue to have a job, that means I can afford to pay the rent on my new apartment that I've been spending every waking moment looking for.

Think of it as being of service to your fellow humankind.

Thank you.

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