Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve

It's my first Christmas Eve in NYC and although it's shaping up to be snowless, the fact that I had to come home and put on a heavier jacket today before going for a walk in Riverside Park with my friend Patrick made me quite happy. I remember going to the beach in L.A. on Christmas one year and thinking it was just....wrong.

My friend Amy arrives at 6AM tomorrow morning and will be here for the week, which will be great -- especially since I handed in both Fairy Tale #2 and a book that I ghostwrote which means that I am DONE for the year. And what a year it's been:

1) I moved from LA to NYC.

2) I wrote 2 books and 100 pages of a third.

3) I went from being a blonde to a brunette.

So much more, but I think the sugar from the apple muffins I made in honor of Amy's arrival is starting to jack me up, making my self-diagnosed Adult Onset ADD flare up so I'll stop there.

The pic above is of me and my friend Christian Moerk at a party held at the NY Public Library a few weeks ago. Like me, Christian was also a film exec in a past life and we met around the time we both suffered momentary lapses of sanity and left our expense account existences to become struggling writers. Now he's got this huge cult following in Denmark, which is where he's from -- complete with TELEVISION COMMERCIALS PROMOTING HIS BOOK AND EVERYTHING. I had to put that in caps because I just love the idea that he's getting emails from Danish women who want to date him even though he lives in Brooklyn. Anyway, as far as I know there will be no Cindy Ella commercials coming to a network near you, but you can -- and should -- buy it when it comes out on February 7th. (You do realize that I'm obligated to work that into every post)

I wish you all (I don't even know why I'm writing "all" -- I don't even think I have one, let alone, many readers...) very happy holidays and a new year filled with not only good things but also stuff that makes you uncomfortable and forces you to grow.

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