Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Whatever you do, don't move...

....but if you must, at least wait until you have enough money to go stay at The Ritz while movers pack up all your stuff so you don't have to do it yourself.
I'm moving in two months and because I still have a bit of the overachiever left over in me from my executive days, I decided I needed to get everything packed up like yesterday. The problem is, the older I get, the more ADD I seem to become, so I never actually finish cleaning out a closet or packing an entire box so instead I'm left living in total chaos which I'm sure my shrink would say is due to a deep-seated desire of wanting to re-create my family environment from when I was young or something like that, but, really, I think it's because I just get bored really easily and can think of, oh, I don't know, 10 million other things I'd rather do than pack?
Anyway, the above pictures are of what used to be my living room and office but are now just...a mess. I had a garage sale on Saturday and after it was over, I just brought it all back upstairs and dumped it on the ground because, really, what's the point of putting stuff away that I'm just going to get rid of in a month or so, right? Somehow I think that Evelin, my cleaning lady, won't agree with that logic, but I still have a week to get the house back in working order before she comes again.

Enough about the moving and my love of chaos and penchant for disorganization. In more exciting news, I'll be receiving galleys of Cindy Ella any day which is beyond exciting. Not only that but on Sunday I get an email from a friend who told me he had just ordered my book on Amazon which, I have to say, was a very strange sentence to read. So, yes, it's on Amazon which is beyond beyond exciting. Except for the fact that when the listing comes up the picture isn't of my book but of something called Let The Good Times Roll With Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe by someone named A.E. Cannon. That part wasn't as exciting. I'm thinking it's because Mercury is retrograde which, as I type that, I realize is a very L.A. thing to say. I wonder if you're allowed to talk like that in NYC or if they throw you off the island for that kind of stuff? I guess I'll find out soon enough.

So, yeah, go to Amazon.com and type in "Cindy Ella" and see what comes up. It says the book is 304 pages which makes it sound like it's War and Peace, but I promise it's a really quick read. You can even PRE-ORDER it if you want (hint, hint)....it'll make a fab Valentine's gift.

And now I'm going to go tackle one of the few closets that hasn't been tackled so I can then leave it in a state of disarray and lie in bed feeling ashamed about it.


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